2019 Reading Challenges

I love reading challenges. I really do. Trying to find books that fit the prompts is like a puzzle–you have to find the perfect fit. Pick a book you aren’t interested in and you won’t finish the challenge ever. Pick a book you don’t own and you’ll never get to the 174 unread books on your shelf, HANNAH. 

So I take time to prepare for my reading challenges each year. I start planning in December. I always say I’ll just do one or two and make sure a book can fill a prompt in more than one challenge–my rule is that you can double dip across challenges, but not within them. 

Of course, I casually decided to do FIVE reading challenges in 2019. Lord knows how successful I’ll actually be. But I like the puzzle of choosing books, and I managed to use quite a few ARCS that have been piling up, as well as books that I already own.

What I really love about these challenges is the way that they push  me genres I’m not normally drawn to, like cli-fi (climate fiction–who knew that was a genre?), LitRPG, books about Appalachia, and books set in space. I may not like all of these books (feeling real skeptical about my first manga, let me tell you), but I’ll try them. It’s the exploration of new things that makes reading a delight, even in comfortable genres, so I’m really looking forward to what’s in store. 

As I review next year, I’ll keep you updated with what book is fulfilling what prompt. Join me in one (or all) of all the challenges! If that’s a bit too much of a commitment (I get it, trust me), then challenge yourself to read a book outside of your comfort zone. Find a prompt that’s different and try something new. 

Here are all of the challenges I’m attempting to do this year:
Popsugar—41 books with 10 Advanced prompts. These prompts are bit easier, there are just more of them. 
Reading Women—24 books, with 2 bonus prompts. All books must be written by women!
LitsyAtoZ—A nice and easy alphabet challenge, 26 books. 
Book Riot Read Harder—This challenge is only 24 books, but the prompts are (shocker) hard. However, Book Riot will publish articles throughout the year with ideas for filling some of the more challenging prompts.
Booked2019—This one is organized by quarter, with 6 prompts per quarter. You can read one prompt or try to do all 6! It’s nice and adaptable, which is great if the year gets crazy and your 2018 ambitions were a little too much for the reality of 2019 (happens to me every time).

How are you going to challenge your reading habits in 2019?

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